What is the value of a video when its just an edit of pretty images with sound over it?

Brand videos and strategy

Video is more than a combination of 24fps clips with sound over it. It is a solutions provider, an enabler, a fixer, a negotiator and also a promo boy or girl. With one video you pull multiple potential new employees in your company that work for you around the clock. ZOTEYE sits down with you and together we define where the power of video can make the biggest change in your company or for your brand, products and/or services. From that moment on our scalable team walks in and produces high quality video content that is created by people who think years ahead of what will work and what doesn’t. After the video is there, the real work starts: get it to the humans that you want it to see. One more thing after this: measure, measure, measure.

In-House vlogger

Vlogging is not new anymore but its only since a few years that it started to change the world, influence sales behaviour and pull viewers away from traditional broadcasting. Brands have till ow not really seen a lot of potential or used a lot of its potential except with influencer marketing but the next step is knocking at the door: in-house vlogging. Who ever it is in the company, the moment you start vlogging about your brand, you give it a face, a soul, a way to connect even easier with your customer. Be honest and be real in front of the camera and don’t be afraid of criticism on your brand. ZOTEYE advises you through every step of the way of building your own vloggers identity and can also facilitate the technical aspects ad video production related aspect not to forget the social media marketing aspect of the channel.


Just like for musicians, live is becoming a very important part of their way to earn money with their creations and build a strong connection with their audience. Going ‘live’ brings you very close to your audience or customers, you make them feel part of something when it is happening. It is also a way to show that you are real and can also make mistakes or don’t know what to say. Use ‘going live’ when you are launching a new product or service, or have a regular live session where you respond to Q&A’s that you gathered through one of your social media channels. ZOTEYE is here to guide you through this big leap all the way.

Film and video production

Of course, if you have all done all the strategy work in the past and you know for now where you’re heading with video’s, ZOTEYE is also able to just create the content for you based on the strategy that is already on the table. Any kind of production is within reach, from a very short clip that will be used on Instagram to a 5-6 figure budget for a short movie, documentary or music video. Our scalable team is here to make your video dreams come true.